I Only Wear Clothes that are Easy to Move In, Here's Why

A few years ago I was shopping in a retail store and I found the cutest dress. It was so soft, and it had a v-neck and these cute adjustable ties that you could wrap around the front or the back. I loved how roomy it looked. And then I looked at the tag—it was a maternity dress! I felt a little embarrassed and then I laughed it off. But then I thought, well, why not try it on anyway?
It looked incredible so I bought it and it became a staple of my wardrobe for the next few years. And it also got me thinking. Why do we wait until women are pregnant to give them comfortable clothing they can move in? Of course, we show pregnant women extra care because we know how hard it is to be pregnant. We know that they’re uncomfortable so we do everything we can to make them comfortable. But shouldn’t all women’s wear be designed with a high standard of comfort in mind?

Don’t we deserve to feel comfortable and free all the time?

Personally, I really hate the restrictive feeling of clothing that pinches or cinches me in. It makes me feel self-conscious and antsy, like I have to constantly monitor my appearance. I also hate feeling like I cannot move freely.
When I wear things that are rigid and stiff it affects everything from the way I hold my body to my mood. 

That’s why I decided that I would only wear clothing I could feel comfortable in all the time. That doesn’t mean I have to give up looking fancy or sophisticated! It just means I opt for a fabric and fit that makes me feel as good as I look!

One of my favorite easy-to-move in dress up pieces is the Clara Sunwoo signature jumpsuit. It makes me look elegant and modern, but the super soft flowing fabric allows me to relax. And the thick waist band hugs me and creates a beautiful waistline without cinching or pinching me. It’s one of my favorite go-to pieces and I get so many compliments when I wear it. But the best part is, I feel like I’m wearing a pair of luxurious silky PJs. 
Another piece I absolutely love is the Clara Sunwoo swing dress. It has effortless lines and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty. But I never feel like I have to suck in my tummy or restrict my movements. I feel totally light and free, and I love the way the fabric follows my movements. I also love the bright color and print. Seriously, I feel so cheerful in this dress, like I could break into a happy little dance at any moment. 

So why not ditch your restrictive clothing for something new? Try the fit and feel of a Clara Sunwoo dress or jumpsuit. You’ll love how free you feel.

Written By Nayomi Reghay

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