The Secret to Dressing for Your Body Type isn't What You Think

Written By Nayomi Reghay

For a long time, fashion magazines have perpetuated the myth that there are a handful of set body types. If you want to look good, they’ve argued, you can only wear styles that flatter your shape.

Some articles say there are four types. Some say five. Others say there are as many as ten! Depending on which article you read, the types have different names. If you have broader hips but you’re petite on top you might get labeled a pear or a spoon! Or, if you have slim legs and arms but you carry more weight in your middle you may get dubbed a cocktail ring! 


The point of these articles is supposed to be to help women look and feel their best. But all they really do is confuse us with a lot of silly made up restrictions.

Women who have broad shoulders are encouraged to minimize and hide them while adding curves to your bottom. If you’ve got wide hips, you’ll need to hide those while enhancing your bust and shoulders! And even if you have a “balanced” hourglass figure you’ll be encouraged to accentuate the tininess of your waist while playing up your curves. The message is always the same. Shrink! Hide! But, also, be bigger! Make sure you look curvy in all the right places! 

It’s no wonder reading fashion magazines stresses women out. We are constantly being told that the way to love ourselves is to camouflage and shape shift our way to some imaginary ideal figure. 

But the real secret to dressing for your body type isn’t what you’ve been taught!

First of all, body types were made up. Your body is a body and it’s shaped how it’s shaped.

You don’t need to squeeze it into some category to figure out how to dress it. So how can you make it look its best?

The truth is so, so simple. Fabric and fit.

If you look at some of the oldest traditional clothing for women like Indian saris or Moroccan kaftans, they always fit beautifully. That’s because they used quality fabrics and they were designed with gorgeous flowing lines that give women room to move freely. They always look elegant and effortlessly feminine.



Clara Sunwoo’s dresses and tunics follow those same principles of fabric and fit, but with a totally modern twist. Our unique poly fiber blend is super soft and drapes beautifully, and our cut is designed to follow the lines of your natural shape. We don’t squeeze your body or hide it. We simply bring out your own natural curves.

If you really want to dress for your body type, forget about those labels, and focus on getting a high quality fabric and fit. Once you do, you won’t feel like you have to shrink or embellish, you’ll just feel like you. And you’ll feel absolutely gorgeous. 

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