Why Our Liquid Leather Stretch Knit Jacket Is Better Than Real Leather?



There is a variety of materials that can be used to make leather, including synthetics and natural materials. The most popular materials for synthetic leathers are polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are plastic-based materials.
 Both commonly used synthetic materials, in particular, have raised questions regarding the safety and dangers of faux leather to the environment. Some faux leathers are manufactured from natural materials, although it is possible to come across more eco-friendly products made from materials such as kelp, cork, and even pineapple leaves.
 While our product range does not include faux plastic-based or real leather options; we do take an environmentally-aware and eco-friendly approach to our liquid leather finishing and tanning.
 However, in this article, we are going to examine the different types of leather and why our "liquid leather" is the best choice for every leather loving fashionista.
 Real Leather Vs Faux Leather Vs Our Clara Sunwoo "Liquid Leather" 
Real Leather
This is a natural material manufactured from real animal skin. The surface structure will never be wholly uniform and will include imperfections and blemishes. When you run your fingers across genuine leather, it doesn’t feel perfectly smooth. Press your finger into the leather - the surface will stretch and wrinkle a bit, just like skin. Finally, smell it. If you have smelled real leather before, you know it possesses a unique “leathery” smell - it has an organic, natural, skin scent.
Faux Leather
The material used is not from animal skins, although this is a significant advantage for animal activists, the production of synthetic leather is not good to the environment or humans because of the toxins in the plastics used to make them. The production and disposal of PVC-based synthetics expose harmful dioxins.   The synthetics used in faux leathers also do not wholly biodegrade, although they can be broken down to some extent, they can also release toxic phthalates and particles, which can affect the health of animals and the environment.
Clara Sunwoo "Liquid Leather"
Our liquid leather surpasses its counterparts because of the following benefits it offers:
 Stretch Knit Fabric:   
Our liquid leather jackets are made of stretch rayon, a non synthetic material made from wood pulp, a naturally-occurring, cellulose-based raw material.  This feature makes our jacket very comfortable to wear all day, every day and perfect for all seasons.   Wearing our Clara Sunwoo liquid leather jacket is among the most stylish ways of keeping up with the latest advancements in fashion. You can also save your dry cleaning expense, because our liquid Leather is machine and hand washable.  And did we forget to mention that you can practically do YOGA moves in our super soft stretch leather fabrics.
Our liquid leather jackets are designed by a mother daughter design duo based out of super hip Industry City in NYC. Their designs are timeless re-imagined, modern, and forever in style. Step out with a Clara Sunwoo stretch knit jacket and take it wherever you go! 
The Clara Sunwoo liquid leather jacket is butter soft, light in weight and travel-friendly. Designed for all seasons, it can be worn as a cardigan, not just outerwear and as a perfect thrown over any outfit!  The jacket is extremely light and easy so you can roll it up in your purse for on the go.
Durability & Wrinkle Resistant:
We are striving to make the best non leather fabric in the fashion market. The Clara Sunwoo  liquid knit leather is durable and wrinkle resistant.  A sustainable and resilient material, you can expect your jacket to last for many years.
If you are a consumer who loves smart modern design, but requires quality, fit and comfort, Clara Sunwoo is a brand you will love.   Timeless re-imagined,  Clara Sunwoo  focuses on the perfect fit to give you the freedom to take you on life's journey.
Written By Nayomi Reghay