Clara Sunwoo's Favorite Customer Posts

 Hi Clara and Roseann,

I just discovered you this morning online as I have been frantically searching for weeks for a style that will accommodate the subtle and not too subtle changes that have been slowly taking over my body. This summer I will be 58, over the last 8 years I've gone from a size 8 to size 12 with most of the changes occurring through the bust and mid section. I'm an entrepreneur who absolutely adores fashion. My husband and I are always traveling to resorts for work and leisure, we also attend many Gala's, Signature Events, and Fundraisers. I am always looking for a style that will accent my attributes, look chic and sophisticated and is timeless. When I found your website today I knew I hit the jackpot. I have literally spent the last five hours scanning the entire internet, I have read every word and watched every video! I am so excited to receive what will be my first of many orders. I have two beautiful daughter 23 and 28, both would love your designs! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a line that is versatile and perfect for woman of any age and any size!  Many blessings and gratitude for the work you both do! Much success to you always,  

Patricia F. 

New spa uniform ! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to express how much I love your clothes . Wonderful fit and stylish . One of my co- workers approached me after I changed out of my spa uniform into your clothing . He said "Barb is that you? " You look like a different person . So I turned three of your black tunic tops and Black leggings into my new work uniform !! I'm so happy , so may compliments from our members and the best part I can take my name tag off and go to dinner ! Thank you for your amazing designs.

Warn regards,

- Barb S
Jupiter Florida 

Good Morning,

As we ready for the fashion show I was just thinking that I am so grateful to have this line for many reasons, but most of all, it warms my heart when I see the look of women who don't believe she looks good in anything, and she stands in front of the mirror and just shines with her Clara Sunwoo on, and for that...I thank you!

 Have a wonderful day!! 

- Darcy Kiawah SC

 "This is great.  I wear Clara Sunwoo all the time and all of a sudden I became Hot shit"  - Audrey, WA

 "Just want you to know,  this Clara Sunwoo outfit is my 1st date outfit"  -  AnnMarie,  FL

 "I didn't lose 10 lbs.  I am wearing Clara Sunwoo" - Rachel,  MA

"I swear I've worn this for 4 years. This material is like iron.  Indestructible."  - Penny, NY

"Did you know that everyone renamed the Clara Sunwoo jumpsuit, the reunion outfit?  All the women   are going to kill me when they show up to the reunion .  Lol" -   David L. (boutique owner)

"I just went to a charity event and everyone was wearing the same typical designer names.   Everyone thought I spent a fortune on my Clara Sunwoo outfit and said I found the new "It" designer."  - Lauren  SC     

"I just want you to know that I would marry Clara Sunwoo if she were a man!  I love this designer"   - Katy   TX