The Secret Layering Trick that Transformed My Fall Wardrobe

Whenever fall rolls around, I find myself dreaming of crisp, breezy afternoons filled with walks in the park, hot apple cider, and soft, cozy sweaters.

 The problem is, fall doesn’t always feel like fall! Sometimes it’s still nearly as warm as summer! These last few years, I’ve found myself less sure about when to tuck away my summer wardrobe for spring and when to pull out my scarves and sweaters for winter.

But something funny happened last year! When faux-fall rolled around, I didn’t put away my summer clothes. I realized I didn’t have to draw a line between summer and fall clothes after all. I got creative, and I discovered a secret trick that made my wardrobe look totally fresh and new all over again!
 The secret trick is layering.
Okay, I know that sounds incredibly simple. But, I used to think that layers were bulky and messy! I didn’t want to layer because I thought layers looked frumpy and disheveled.
But, since all those summer dresses were hanging in my closet, and I was stock-piling basic tees and light jackets for fall, I started to mix and match and came to an epiphany moment! I realized that when you layer correctly you can look modern, chic and totally put together!
I started getting so many compliments on my “new” clothes because half my friends didn’t even realize I was wearing a lot of the same stuff, but in layered combinations!
Now that I’ve been experimenting for a while I’ve learned layering is all about choosing the right fabrics. The foundation has to be totally soft, breathable and lightweight. I love a knit top with a nice jersey feel, especially if it’s wrinkle resistant. Clara Sunwoo basics like this solid blouse tank or this scoop neck make a perfect base.  Then I put on a second layer and that could be a sundress that I’m re-purposing or any other item that adds structure and color. Finally, I can add a top layer if I want. But again, I always make sure it’s something breathable and lightweight!
My favorite layering piece right now? It’s actually a jacket! The Clara Sunwoo Liquid Leather jacket is so light, soft like butter, and seriously comfortable. It’s so breathable that I can wear it like a cardigan. You would not believe how many of my friends are shocked when they realize I’m not wearing a leather jacket.
I’ve had so much fun pairing it with tees, tanks and even my favorite sundresses. I love that it’s slightly edgy and that it looks like real luxury leather, but it’s actually a stretch knit fabric making it a guiltless, super sleek and modern jacket. Personally, I really dislike the feel of pleather or the restricted movement of real leather, but this jacket is so light, stretchable, and  breathable that I can wear it indoors and out. I’ve even taken a break from the office and done some yoga moves in it! Those summer items I got from the sale rack? I don’t have to wait a whole year to wear them! I pair them with the jacket and they’re ready for fall! Plus, I feel super comfortable and confident knowing that if the temperature changes I can always sneak off and strip off a layer.
I think of layering almost like building a gourmet meal. If I use lousy ingredients, the whole thing well… isn’t gourmet is it? But if I focus on quality, I can get creative and sassy!  Suddenly, it becomes the pièce de résistance.
So, if you’re in between wardrobes, why not give layering a try? Gather your favorites pieces and don’t be afraid to get creative!
Written By Nayomi Reghay

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