Liquid Leather™ Signature Jacket


Get ready to indulge in the luxurious feel of our renowned Liquid Leather™ Jackets, crafted from remarkably soft knit vegan-friendly material.

Each code you've been awarded is redeemable for one of our fabulous JK161 Style jackets.

We hope you love wearing it as much as we loved creating it!

Where Fashion Meets Compassion: Liquid Leather, Vegan and Vogue

Our line of Liquid Leather™ Jackets have won the hearts of celebrities and fans for their timeless appeal and unmatched comfort. Loved for their exquisite design and sustainable materials, these vegan-friendly jackets offer both style and conscience. Their versatility and quality have made them a favorite among fashion influencers and enthusiasts, leaving an enduring impression in the world of fashion.

The Story Behind Liquid Leather™

Learn about the history behind the liquid leather knit fabric.