The Dos and Don'ts of Dressing for Quarantine

Written By Nayomi Reghay

Social distancing isn’t easy.
Aside from keeping us apart from the ones we love, it’s keeping us shut in from a glorious spring, and with it, some beautiful spring fashions!
If you’re a fashion lover, you may be missing the joy of getting dressed for work or play. But fear not, we’ve got your quarantine fashion guide right here.

DON’T: Judge

Let’s be real. The first rule of quarantine fashion is there are no rules!
You can wear whatever you want right now. If your current wardrobe consists of nothing but pajamas and loose jogger pants, we salute you!
And if you’re getting all dolled up in resort wear just to make another vat of soup, we see you too!

You don’t need to justify your choice to keep it casual or to put on something fancy. Dressed down or dressed up, we think your quarantine look is fabulous! 

DO: Be Gentle

Staying home sounds simple enough, but in reality it can feel like a whole lot of pressure.
Juggling work, finances, kids, pets, and negotiating shared spaces all day long isn’t easy! In fact it can be downright exhausting. If you feel like you can’t get it all done, don’t!

Make some time for self-care, instead.
Wrap yourself in a cozy cardigan or sweater, light a candle and indulge in a face mask. Listen to soothing music, or settle in with a good book before bed.
Your to-do list can wait.

DON’T: Restrict Yourself

This is not the time to kickstart a diet or squeeze into an old pair of skinny jeans!
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay healthy and active right now.
But, if you find yourself trying to regain control by being harsh and restrictive, you’re on the wrong path!

There is no crying in baseball and there are no skinny jeans in quarantine!

DO: Embrace Softness

Staying home is the perfect opportunity to lean into softness.
Paying attention to what feels good is so important right now. So opt for soft, comfortable fabrics that make you feel totally at ease.
We love our Butter Knit - Loose Cut Hi-Low Top in a soft velvety knit.
It’s so breathable and lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a vast ocean of gentle waves. 

DON’T: Take Yourself Too Seriously

Hey, we get it. You’re a total boss.
You’re staying on top of things even though this crisis has turned our world upside down.

You can give yourself a pat on the back for finishing tasks, but don’t take yourself too seriously. You don’t have to dress to the nines or look like a consummate professional at all times.
If you’re working hard even though you’re staying home and you want to keep it classy, try something sophisticated yet relaxed, like our Signature Side Slit Midi Dress. It’s just the right blend of business and pleasure.
DO: Remember to Play

Making room for joy and laughter is so important right now—so let yourself play!
Even if you’re staying home, you can have fun with looks that are anything but ordinary. Take a walk on the wild side with our Off the Shoulder Baby Cheetah Top, or our Liquid Leather Double Zip Jacket in Charcoal Cheetah.
Or, let your inner flower child out with this bold Boho Weave Ruffle Off Shoulder Pocket Jumpsuit in Coral.
These playful prints will lift your mood and remind you to smile.

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